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In the rapidly changing environment, it cannot be expected from the institutes to be aware of every legal arrangement and application that will affect their profitability. Especially, in Turkey where legal legislation and regulations change almost daily, it cannot be expected of the companies to create and effective and strong operation environment where they can feel tax-wise secure, without sacrificing time and sources from their main subjects of activity. Our Consultancy Company, which supplies service of Financial Consulting covering the tax and accounting applications, has aimed for the supply of means to our customers to make the best use of the legal right given to them and conform to the ever-changing legislation and regulations.
With this understanding in mind, we supply the professional knowledge and consultancy services to our customers in the financial law and accounting fields relative to the Tax Procedures Code, Corporation Income Tax Code, Income tax Code, Value Added Tax Code, Incentive legislation and regulations, Labor Law and Social Security legislation and regulations in Turkey.

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